What we believe...

Before any conclusions can be made, let me say that I do not believe in religion. As imperfect people, religion is no more than our feeble attempt to reach God. On the other hand, I do believe in relationships. I believe that God created us to have a perfect relationship with Him, as well as with one another.

However, because we are imperfect people, this isn't possible. The evening news is more than enough to convince anyone that our relationships with one another aren't perfect. And a perfect relationship with God isn't possible because God demands perfection in us. As imperfect people, we cannot meet this standard. All our religious acts are no more than glorified imperfection (see Isaiah 64:6). Not only can we not have a right relationship with God, we are condemned to live without Him forever.

Knowing that we couldn't meet this standard on our own but longing to have a right relationship with us, God did something unbelievable. He sent His Only Son, Jesus, who took on human form and made a way for us to become perfect. Jesus is the only person who had right standing with God, as He was perfect. Not considering this something to be clung to, Jesus took on the form of an imperfect man and lived on earth, and then died a guilty man's death at the hands of Roman executioners.

What we believe...

This was more than just a death. It was Jesus, taking our place, separated from God, enduring the consequences of our imperfections. Jesus died so that we would not have to live our lives separated from God. By bearing the consequences of our imperfections, He opened the door for us to have right standing before God.

The story doesn't end there. Three days after he was killed, Jesus rose from the dead. By rising from the dead, He showed that he had conquered the punishment given for our imperfections, namely death. He conquered physical death by rising from the dead. He conquered spiritual death by providing a way for us to regain good standing with God.

The ball is now in our court. God desires to have a relationship with you, so much so that He sent His only Son to die for you (see John 3:16-17). He pursues each of us as a groom pursues his bride. And now we have to decide whether we will take up the offer made to us.

Will we recognize Jesus' death as the payment for our imperfections and the provision for our right standing with God? Will we recognize Jesus' resurrection as His conquering of death? Will we accept a new life, based on the truth of Christ, and His death for us? These are questions we all must ask ourselves. By choosing to accept the above, we can enter into a life of peace and love, filled with the knowledge that we have a right standing before God. By rejecting His gift, we choose to stay in an incomplete state, denying the relationship we were created for.

These questions are ones that shouldn't be considered hastily and can often produce other questions. If you would like to discuss these questions or anything else, I would love to talk. You can email me at justin@100pianos.com or give me a call at 520-400-6030.

Take care and God bless!


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