100 Pianos Password Suite

Password strength and security is a basic need in today's IT landscape. Because of this, we've developed a suite of tools that will help you make sure that your passwords are reliably strong while still practical. We can go on all day about creating secure/easy-to-remember passwords, but that's not necessarily why you're here. On to the tools!

Password Generator

This tool will allow you to generate passwords that are highly secure and extremely difficult to crack. You can select different options for your passwords (e.g., with numbers, without symbols, etc) and can even use a silly phrase or song lyric to create a first-letter mnemonic. Click here to start generating passwords today!

Password Strength Tester

Not sure if your password is strong? No sense in guessing when our Password Strength Tester will tell you exactly how strong your password and will even give suggestions on how you can make it stronger. Click here to give your password a workout on our Password Strength Tester!

Password Suite API

If you've developed a killer web application, it is vital that your users use strong passwords. Otherwise, your entire application could become compromised. If you're like most developers, you want to spend your time fine-tuning your application, not chasing down users to ensure that their passwords are strong. We feel the same way! By opening up access to a tool that we've used internally for checking password strength and related processes, you can now use web services to validate password strength, generate strong passwords, and even modify weak passwords to make them stronger.Click here to see more about our Password Suite API!

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