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The Copyright Advisory Network is an extension of the American Librarian Association that specializes in copyright law and education. One Hundred Pianos has worked with the CAN on multiple development projects ranging from web-based e-learning applications to online tools intended to help identify what copyright laws apply to a given work.

ADA Compliance (Section 508)

Because their intended audience crosses multiple walks of life, the CAN wanted to ensure that all of the applications developed would be accessible to any vision-impaired users. As with all of our products, One Hundred Pianos tested each application to ensure that each is viewable by visitors using screen-readers, visitors using Braille-readers, and visitors with color-impairment or color-blindness.

Portable and Customizable

One of the requirements from the CAN was that the applications needed to be small enough to be sent via email as well as customizable by non-technical users. One Hundred Pianos provided the CAN with XML-based applications, easily modified with any text editor and small enough to be emailed within seconds.

Dynamic Document Creation

For users researching copyright protection for specific works, the CAN wanted to provide their users with a time-stamped PDF documenting the users research. One Hundred Pianos was able to dynamically included all pertinent information from the application and the personal information provided by the user in a document that could be used in legal proceedings.

Services Provided

  • Web Application Development
  • Graphic Design
  • XML Schema Development
  • Online Forms and Tracking
  • Flash Development
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