100 Pianos Portfolio - Harvey Mordka Realty

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Harvey Mordka Realty is a real estate office specializing in residential and commercial property. When they contacted One Hundred Pianos to design their website, the owners wanted to be involved in the development process to ensure that potential clients had as good an experience on the HMR website as they did when dealing with their realtors in person.

Integrated MLS Solutions

To provide a solution that made their job easier rather than more time consuming, One Hundred Pianos worked with Harvey Mordka Realty to develop Property Listings on their website that drew data from their existing MLS solution. They now enter their listing data once and it populates their website as well as their MLS listings.

Customer Focus

Harvey Mordka Realty wanted to help their customers by allowing them to contact the office and specify exactly what they were looking for. One Hundred Pianos developed an online questionnaire that allows potential customers to enter exactly what type of property they're interested in. This information is then sent directly to the HMR offices so that they can follow up on the information provided.

Services Provided

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