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The Vineyard Christian Community is a small church whose website hadn't been updated in over 5 years. One Hundred Pianos worked with them to develop a new design for the site and also provided a number of custom tools to allow for more regular updates, including a dynamic calendar and the ability to podcast their weekly sermon.

Custom Application Development

Working with VCC staff, One Hundred Pianos helped identify specific features that were needed to make the site more useful, including the development of a custom calendar module and integration of recorded sermons into a free podcast available through Apple® iTunes®.

Administrative Interface

The VCC staff wanted to have the ability to update their site at any time without much hassle. One Hundred Pianos worked closely with the staff to develop an easy-to-use interface geared towards those tasks that the staff needed most. Additionally, our staff developed training documentation to help future staff members learn how to address the day-to-day online duties.

Search Engine Optimization

When searching "vineyard Tucson", there are at least three churches in the Tucson area that show up in the search results. Additionally, there are nearby vineyards and wineries that appear on the first page of search results. The VCC website was not appearing on the first page of searches before their website was redesigned. After working with One Hundred Pianos to optimize their site for search engine crawling, they are now the first search result when searching Google for "vineyard Tucson".

Services Provided

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