100 Pianos Portfolio - Vineyard Youth Group (VYG)

Vineyard Youth Group Screenshot

After seeing the work done on the main church website, the youth minister at the Vineyard Christian Community contacted 100 Pianos to ask for a design for their youth-group-specific website. Based on existing media for the youth group, 100 Pianos developed a design that matched the personality of the youth group.

Online Marketing

VYG has a number of products that help support the youth group's activities. They wanted to make these products available online, but didn't have the budget for a full e-commerce solution. 100' Pianos worked with VYG staff to develop an appropriate solution for their needs, providing an online catalog of their merchandise with all ordering done via email and by phone.


100 Pianos then worked with a technical contact for the youth group, making sure that the contact understood the technical details of the design and felt comfortable making changes on their own.

Services Provided

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