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Water Safe Kids Screenshots

Water Safe Kids is an ISR-certified company that teaches aquatic self rescue skills. When they approached 100 Pianos about their website, they knew that they wanted to provide information about their services, to accept online payments, and to have a website that was fun and useful for both parents and children.


100 Pianos worked with Water Safe Kids to determine what credit card processing service would work best for their needs and budget. After identifying a payment processing solution, 100 Pianos developed online gateway that allowed Water Safe Kids customers to pay their tuition online.

Custom Functionality

In addition to accepting online payments, Water Safe Kids knew that they wanted to offer a number of unique features on their website. 100 Pianos worked closely with Water Safe Kids staff to develop a Flash-based photo slide show, an online photo gallery, streaming promotional videos, and a dynamic weather alert to help customers know when lessons would be cancelled.

Services Provided

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