Personal Webmaster Services

We can all use a helping hand from time to time. At 100 Pianos, we have a passion for websites. If you don't have the expertise or the desire to maintain your website, you shouldn't have to. Our Personal Webmaster Team will happily do it for you!

Clients who subscribe to our Personal Webmaster Services can simply email our team with the updates for your website and we'll make the changes. Updated can be sent in as a plain-text email, as an attached Microsoft Office file, or as a PDF. We'll then take your changes and have your website updated within 24-48 hours.

Our Personal Webmaster Services covers textual changes, image updates, file uploads, and even minor modifications to the design of your website. Short of a full website redesign, our Personal Webmaster Services offers you with all of the benefits of having a dedicated web master at a fraction of the cost. In addition, clients who subscribe to our Personal Webmaster Services are also provided domain name management, hosting, and email services at no additional cost.

For further information about our Personal Webmaster Services, please contact us today!